Amily Dupré

Amily’s passion for working with children and humanitarian work began at a young age. Growing up in South Louisiana, Amily began working with various youth groups to aid in progress and advancement with the youths in the area and surrounding states.
While in college, Amily began volunteering with a school in the area to read with students weekly to enhance their education and reading capabilities. When challenged to step outside of her comfort zone, Amily made the trek to Ghana, West Africa to volunteer with a local school in the village of Hohoe.
Little did she know the doors that one trip would open. Since that first trip, Amily has made many trips back to Hohoe to work with schools and orphanages in the village to assist with education, delivering school supplies and books, and providing basic day-to-day supplies for the children.
After many discussions and brainstorming with Kofi and Juliana, Amily knew that their ideas could make an impact in Ghana and brought the development of Rising Roots Foundation.